Frequently asked questions

Questions about the camp

No. Anyone who enjoys exercise can take part. There are no restrictions regarding performance classes or previous sporting knowledge.

The maximum number in our summer camp in Sweden is 40 people and during the training days in Germany in autumn, winter and spring 60 people. The number of participants varies from camp to camp. The support provided by trainers and crew is adapted to the number of participants.

In recent years, vaulters from various countries such as Germany, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and the USA have taken part. Crazy, right? So not all participants always speak German, but don't worry.

In the registration form you can tell us which languages ​​you understand so that we can assign you to a training group based on your information. The lessons are held in German or English, if necessary also with hands and feet. We attach great importance to ensuring that each of you understands everything.

Please take a look at the pictures in the photo gallery. The scope and type of activities vary between camps. You can read exactly what to expect in the explanations of the individual camps.

A training session lasts 90 minutes. 3 to 4 training sessions a day are possible, but very ambitious. In Lastrup you can put together your own training plan by registering for courses of your choice. So you decide for yourself what and how much you train. In the camps in Sweden you also receive 3-4 training sessions per day.

In Sweden you will receive a training plan that you will go through with your assigned training partners. It is a fixed training plan that takes all courses into account. In Lastrup, on the other hand, you can largely determine your training content yourself, as you can register for your desired courses. You can find the course content in the description of the respective training days. About a week before the training days begin, we will give you the opportunity to register for the courses. We will send you an email when the time comes. Please note, however, that the first registrations received are allowed to register for the courses first. So if you were very late, you may not receive the authorization to register for the courses until two days before your arrival. In this case, one or two courses may of course already be taken.

First of all, you have the opportunity to choose your training partners in the registration form. But even if you come alone, that's no problem, because you'll be put into a group with 6 to 8 vaulters. The division is mainly based on performance class and your language, so that you don't have any communication problems within this group and are also in good hands with regard to the training intensity. Because we want to offer you optimal training conditions!

Unfortunately, sometimes you can't help it if you can't take part in the camp as planned. However, since we set aside money for you during the planning stage, we cannot refund the entire amount. Up to 6 weeks before the camp, up to 80% of the participation fee will be refunded, and up to 40% one week before. Unfortunately, from one week in advance the participation fee can no longer be refunded. Please read the terms and conditions again. Of course, we hope that you stay healthy and don't get cold feet.

We as organizers and trainers, the sports school, and each individual participant have to do their part to minimize the likelihood of the COVID-19 virus spreading.

Sports facilities: The sports halls offer enough space to train with each other at a friendly distance. We are very happy to pay attention to all the prescribed hygiene measures and are happy to remind you of compliance again and again. The sports school, including accommodation and kitchen, follows an approved hygiene concept.

Trainer: From our side, we will ensure that transmission of the virus is largely ruled out.

Participants: We can only hope that every participant deals with this topic responsibly and prefers to stay at home if they have cold symptoms or submit a clearance certificate from their family doctor.

In general: Better safe than sorry!

In Lastrup you should have the following with you:

  • Sneakers for outside and
  • Indoor shoes
  • It is best to have clean vaulting shoes
  • your music or music ideas!
  • swimwear
  • Toiletry bag and towel

And in Sweden the following may also be added:

  • Bedding (sheets, pillows, blankets or sleeping bags) and
  • some pocket money or a credit card

In general, it is best to pay with a Visa or Mastercard in Sweden. Even the smallest amounts in the kiosk can be paid with the card. Cash is not accepted on buses and trains! The ticket must either be purchased at the counter (cash possible), with a credit card at the machine, or purchased online.

You can find the travel information in the description of the training days. If you still have any questions, please write to us briefly via the contact form at. We're happy to help!

If your child is to take part in the camp without an adult caregiver, you are welcome to plan your own vacation nearby as the legal guardian. It is enough if you can be there within an hour.

Questions about registration

Yes that works. As a parent or trainer, I can register several children or young people via my personal account. However, the same email address is then used for every booking, as only one email is permitted per account.

The price depends on your selection in the registration form. There is a price for full-time participants, for part-time participants and for individual training sessions on the C-MOVIE. There are different ways to take part in the training days. There are also different prices accordingly.

Of course, trainers and accompanying persons pay less than active participants. After filling out the registration, before you submit the registration, the price will be shown.

First, fill out the registration form for the camp of your choice and fill out one answer field after the other. The rest of the registration form adapts dynamically based on your information. You can only register bindingly when all mandatory fields (marked with *) have been filled out. To do this, click the button at the very end of the registration form.

The registration form is connected to Shopify, which is also used to process payment directly and easily.

Yes, because all fields marked as mandatory (*) are essential for planning the training days. If you missed a field when filling it out, you will be informed about it at the end, so no problem.

Registration for the courses currently takes place on site. Lists will be laid out in which you can then sign up.

Yes. When registering, you will be asked whether you are an active participant, a trainer or a visitor. All people present must be registered. The price will be adjusted accordingly and can be seen at the end of the registration.