02.-06. January 2024 // Lastrup Sports School

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Any questions about the camp

Everybody can participate! Even if you want to come all alone and are actually a group vaulter. Individual vaulters, double pairs and groups of all abilities are welcome.

What can you expect from us?

As a full-time participant , you are warmly welcomed the evening before the first day of training. Meals start with breakfast on the first day of training and end with lunch on the last day. Accommodation and meals are fully provided during the days. During the 5 training days you will get 30 minutes a day on the C-MOVIE and two units on the S-MOVIE (90 minutes each). You spend these training sessions together in your training group; you can register for the other workshops independently of your training group. So you freely choose the other workshops and design your own training day. The only thing you should keep in mind is that one of the training times should remain free. In the other 4 training times per day you can give full throttle. When you take the break is up to you... Of the 5 training times during the day, each lasting 90 minutes, at least one is blocked for the C and S-MOVIE sessions and one is to be kept as a break. This way you still get over 5 hours of intense training a day. Have you ever trained for 5 hours for 5 days in a row?!?

As a part-time participant , we expect you in the sports hall by 8:30 a.m. at the latest on your training day. You should have already had breakfast. Lunch is included in the price. You can then book an overnight stay if you wish. The price of an overnight stay includes dinner, a place to sleep and breakfast. You get 30 minutes a day on the C-MOVIE and one session on the S-MOVIE every other day (90 minutes each), which you spend together in your training group. You can also fill your training day with other workshops. The same applies here as for full-time participants. On the last day, in the late afternoon, the last training block takes place. There will no longer be any further courses here.

7:30 a.m. Breakfast - 8:30 a.m. warm-up together - 8:50 a.m. 2 x 90 minute training sessions - 12:30 p.m. Lunch - 1:30 p.m. 3 x 90 minute training sessions - 6:30 p.m. Dinner - 8:00 p.m. free Training or free time until 10 p.m. - then regeneration (sleep). This is the short version of a day.

After dinner, the stations set up in the gym and the MOVIEs are available for free training. Of course, we trainers will also be on site and will be happy to help you from time to time. There is also the option to go to the swimming pool, sauna or bowling alley upon arrangement.

In order to offer all participants equal opportunities and increase effectiveness, you will be assigned to a small training group of usually up to 4 participants . Together with these training partners you will receive your MOVIE and choreography sessions. You can also register for all other courses on your own. This group membership only counts for choreography and MOVIE training. In the registration form you have the opportunity to name your training partners. If you come alone, we will select training partners based on your ability level. If you want to be in a training group with more than 4 people, for example because your whole team is coming, then that's of course no problem. Just please remind your team members to list you as their preferred training partner in the registration form.

We will divide you into training groups based on the information you provided in the registration form.

Vaulting on the MOVIEs (compulsory and freestyle elements)
Freestyle design & choreography
High departures
Handstand training
Balance and equilibrium training
Injury prevention (stabilization training)
Coordination and body awareness
Joint-friendly landings and fall school
Training the basic physical requirements (strength and flexibility)

Feel free to tell the GMsports trainer what you would like to work on. You can have a say in the training content together with the other participants in your training session!

Registration for the courses takes place on site. We will let you know when the lists are available.

Please first check the time schedule to see when you are registered for Choreo or C-MOVIE, as you should not register for a course during these times. So the times for choreo and the C-MOVIE are given.

Places in the courses are limited , but are offered several times! If a course is full on your desired date, you will definitely find space in the same course at another time.

You should have a maximum of 4 training units per day (including MOVIE/choreography), so choose no more than 3 courses. Please keep an eye on your own fitness. Because it doesn't make sense to sign up for 3 training sessions of 90 minutes each plus MOVIE or Choreo if you're already at the end of your strength after the third training session... Sometimes it makes much more sense to give yourself a break every now and then.

The Lastrup sports school provides us with rooms and beds for the duration of the camp. The rooms are equipped with two to six beds and correspond to the comfort of a good youth hostel. We will arrange the rooms to the best of our knowledge and belief. Unfortunately, your wish for your own room cannot be accommodated. Bedding is provided, but you must bring your own towels.

The sports school also takes care of the meals, so we are well looked after around the clock. Special eating habits and allergies can be stated in the registration form and will of course be taken into account. As a full-time participant, meals begin with breakfast on the first day of training. So if you arrive the day before, make sure you have dinner on the way. As a part-time participant, meals only begin at lunchtime. If you also book an overnight stay, you will also receive dinner and breakfast.

Each participant will organize their journey independently. Training begins at 8:30 a.m. in the Lastrup sports hall, Bokaer Str. 16.

It is possible to arrive the evening before your first day of training, but we will then have to accommodate you privately for one night as the sports school is still fully occupied.

If you are traveling by train, we will be happy to pick you up from Essen (Oldenburg) train station . This is just one station away from Cloppenburg main station. Please do not choose Essen (Ruhr) as your destination station! You can simply let us know your arrival time by email.

You plan your departure however you like on your last day of training. Training days generally end at 6:20 p.m. Afterwards we would be happy about some help with dismantling. However, this should not take longer than 30 minutes and is of course on a voluntary basis.

Sports school Lastrup, Bokaer Str. 30, 49688 Lastrup
Sports hall Lastrup, Bokaer Str. 16, 49688 Lastrup

Your trainers

Gero Meyer

Vaulting (vice world champion)

Bela Lean

Vaulting (German Champion)

Adele Schröder & Sophie Wegener

Vaulting (vice German champion)


High descents & landing training


Course and fitness


Course and fitness


Acrobatics - handstand - fitness


Acrobatics - handstand - fitness

Esther Kelly

Expression training


Full-time participant

600€ / participant

✓ Eligibility to participate in all available courses
✓ Limited training time on the C-MOVIE
✓ Free allocation of courses in the remaining time
✓ S-MOVIEs and other training devices may be used freely
✓ Sports facilities can also be used in the evening
✓ Use of the sauna, bowling alley or swimming pool possible in the evening
✓ including full board
✓ including overnight stay

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Day participant

110 € / participant / day

✓ Eligibility to participate in all available courses
✓ Limited training time on the C-MOVIE
✓ Free allocation of courses in the remaining time
✓ S-MOVIEs and other training devices may be used freely
✓ Sports facilities can also be used in the evening
✓ including lunch
✓ €40 extra per night per person (dinner and breakfast included)

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